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"From where should I learn X?". This is the question I get frequently asked by someone who is just getting into a new technology. And almost everytime the answer is same. Everytime I would go and find a link and share with them. So I decided to make this blog to share those links. Most of the links here would be related to Front-end development (in React) and few related to Node.js, MongoDB, UI/UX, general Front-end and Back-end development. The resources are mostly free to use🎉.

Note that these are the tutorials from where I learned something and I think are good to get going. You might find other tutorials that you think are better. Feel free to learn from them.

Beginner friendly

For developers who know basics

In-depth courses (paid)

Informational / Rants (No coding)




Hope this helps you to get started with web development or improve your existing web development skills.🙂