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"From where should I learn X?". This is the question I get frequently asked by someone who is just getting into a new technology. And almost everytime the answer is same. Everytime I would go and find a link and share with them. So I decided to make this blog to share those links. Most of the links here would be related to Front-end development (in React) and few related to Node.js, MongoDB, UI/UX, general Front-end and Back-end development. The resources are mostly free to use🎉.

Note that these are the tutorials from where I learned something and I think are good to get going. You might find other tutorials that you think are better. Feel free to learn from them.

General Programming

To get started with web development, you should first get started with programming. Here are few resources for it.

Front-end Development

This section contains tutorials related to general front-end development and React. Most of these are beginner friendly.

Back-end Development

This section would mostly contain tutorials related to Node.js and GraphQL. Although other technologies can also be found.


This section contains tutorials about testing with Jest and testing React applications.


This section focuses on tools and concepts related to UI/UX development along with some business side of things.


This section contains channels that posts talks from various conferences on any of the above topic.


Learn by listening.


Learn by reading.


Learn something new on regular basis by receiving mails.

Paid Courses

These are the courses available on Udemy that are highly rated for its content. I'll be posting courses of particular users as mostly all of their courses are great.

Hope this helps you to get started with web development or improve your existing web development skills.🙂